10 inspiring and spacious Granny Flat design ideas

Inspiring Ideas for a modern Granny Flats design

Granny flat, also popularly known as accessory apartment or accessory dwelling unit (ADU), is actually a guide to accommodate ageing or elderly folks of the family into your home in flats with limited space. For those who value relations and love to lead life in the shadow of their parents, a home with a granny flat is vital.

 We bring you ideas to overcome the challenges of designing small homes to spacious homes with lesser space constraints.  If you are looking for the finest Granny Flat Designs, have a glimpse of our innovative and latest ideas that do not hamper the ambience of your home and prove to be space efficient.

  • Make the most of your outdoor space while opting for Granny Flats

 We all have seen that outdoor spaces of the home are often left idle, having almost zero utility. If possible, create a shed or a small room for storage that does not ruin the appearance of your home from outside and creates a space to accommodate less valuable things in small granny flats.

  • Go for thick glass or 2 mirrors directly opposite to each other in Granny Flat designs 

 This is highly effectual in giving an airy look to small granny flat designs. You must have noticed that a room with a huge mirror on one of its wall gives a spacious feel even if the room is small sized. You can with little more investment on mirrors, add essence of natural light and spacious feel by putting mirrors on the opposite sides of wall.

  • Choose light colours while building a granny flat

Colours of your wall can be your mood lifter along with influencing emotionally. Try to use light colours like pastel. They are not only soothing but also are life enriching through their pacifying texture. You may chose the colour that tranquil you emotionally, physically and mentally.

For the most favourable effect as suggested by the leading granny flat builders, plump for supple off-white tones that are known to cater a bit bigger feel. Paint mouldings and wall trim in comparatively lighter shades than your wall.

  • Go minimalistic with furniture

Do not mess up your flat with too much furniture as it gives a congested look to the home along with covering huge space. Go for minimal furniture instead, and if possible, use multi-purpose furniture that increases the utility along with making the home space efficient. 

  • Make use of kitchen counters to save space

Kitchens are mostly filled with cabinets all around and just handfuls of them are efficiently used. Try to maximize and make the best possible use of kitchen counters for storage to save the space, which is usually covered by storing cabinets. 

This way, you can also create space in the flat giving a bit spacious look.

  • Foldable beds

They are much needed and are quite big sized furniture which covers almost two-third of a medium sized room. Opt for a foldable bed instead of bulky beds that once installed is almost like an immovable property.

  • Go creative with the ceiling

Though it is an important part of your home, but is seldom used. Try a hanging that can be used for some storage along with decorating home with it. In addition to testing your creativity, make sure to maximize the height of your ceiling. It will cater spacious as well as bigger feel while dwelling.

  • Roof cavity with a drop down ladder

 Another quite productive idea is to create a roof cavity with a drop down ladder. The roof is quite often ignored for storing. Use of drop down ladder from roof to the ground in place of a permanent staircase is a smart pick as the later is bulky that covers quite a noticeable area of the home.

  • Make use of the backyard

The stern yard can prove to be space-saving for elders inside the flat by creating a storage space for huge items that otherwise cover a huge space inside the home. You would need the space for gardening tools, kids’ toys, sporting equipment, lawn mowers, books and magazines, etc. 

You can create either a tool shed or a small garden shed in your rear yard of a modern Granny flat as this type of construction does not need approval from the authority. 

  • More plants as a part of decoration

Green is always in trend and along with spreading positivity; it enhances the look in addition to using less space of home in comparison to the other decoration pieces. Go Green!

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