9 Inexpensive Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom in 2019

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas in Trend

There are some sections of home that can be continued for years and years without renovation, but bathroom renovations are practically unavoidable for some important as well as obvious reasons. Primarily, bathroom renovation straight away enhances the market value of your home along with giving the owner positivity while using the bathroom.  

Renovate your dream bathroom with RPG Services

On comparing with the other parts of a home, bathroom and kitchen renovation gets due little early because of constant water use in it. If bathroom renovation is that you have been avoiding from long now, just go through our informative bathroom renovations on budget ideas to have dual pleasure of a remodeled bathroom at inexpensive prices

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Cost effective small bathroom renovation ideas as per the latest trends

  • Modern white bathroom

White bathrooms are back in trend and are considered while thinking of giving a contemporary look to the bathing section of a home. Along with giving a pacifying and peaceful taste, the white tiles all around have proven to be less expensive in comparison to tiles of other colors.

You can choose cream or ivory white too, in case you don’t want sheer white for your bathroom makeover.

  • Lights at the back of the mirror

If you like to give an illuminating touch to your bathroom, then install light at the back of the mirror to have a closure look of yourself or see the real you. Along with that, shower guiding lights and relaxing bathroom lighting can elevate your mood at the moment you step inside it.

  • Stone tiles

Stone tiles for bathroom floors, countertops and walls are a practical pick not involving huge outflow of cash. It could prove to be a one-time investment until you yourself feel like to change them for the sake of new look of your bathroom.  Stone is less vulnerable to stains and effects of water.

If you like to add spark and sturdiness to your bathroom, then you can opt for stone tiles. If you also like to save more, then stone-look porcelain tiles are more economical and ideal option for renovating your bathroom.  

  • Wall mounted toilets

Instead of using corner toilet or compact one, go for wall mounted toilets as it saves the space along with being less expensive than usual toilets. It also caters a contemporary look to the bathroom without compelling you to spend a lot on the toilet.

  • Shower glass enclosure

Shower enclosures not only flourish fashionable look to the bathroom, but also let other parts of the bathroom get unaffected with the damaging impact of water due to moisture. It aids in saving space, along with putting control over the bathroom renovation cost.  

  • Add some greenery

Green is always tranquilizing, no matter which ever zone of home you chose for it. Even in bathrooms, small plants in tiny colourful glasses or pots can be seriously assuaging along with saving some amount for you from spending on an expensive showpiece for your bathroom.

  • Splurge or granite countertops

The longer life as well as rich look of granite countertop is the best as well as fruitful part of a bathroom renovation.

  • Update light fixtures, towel racks and sink faucets

These small bathroom renovations are highly effective in giving a new look to your bathroom.

  • Replace your old tub and shower

With creativity and competition on heights, just replace your old tub and shower  with budgeted and the best tub and shower design trends within your budget constraints, to give your bathroom an updated look.

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