Add Value To Your Home With These Best Home Extensions Design Ideas


Home beautiful home!!!!! It is something that we want to be as new and beautiful as a new bride looks and want its charm to last for years after years.  

Not only from the feel-good point of view, but also from monetary aspects also as more beautiful your home is more value it would be offered.

Another means of adding value to your home is the home extensions layout. If you like to add more figure to the price of your home with the multiple benefits of the addition of enchantment, comfort and appraised worth, then follow the below-mentioned house extensions ideas.

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Latest and valuable home extension ideas:

·         Add a pool –     

The pool is the feature that would be not only loved by family members, but also by the buyers of the house. You too would get in a position to ask best rates from the home builders or buyers.  Depending upon the space available either in the front or back yard, you can get the pool built there within the constraints of your budget. 

In case your home does not have adequate space on the ground, then the pool can be built on the terrace too. To get entertained in a pool along with relishing the hike in the value of the home, you can opt for home extensions builders.

·         Convert your loft –

If you do not live in a flat or if you own a roof, then go on to utilize your loft for some productive purposes. You can create some space for kids to play or build a small office for yourself or your spouse. Adding a bedroom will surely help you to enjoy the hiked prices of your home.

These home extensions will surely enhance the value of your home as anything constructed on the loft or roof would be an extra edge for the buyer. It usually does not require permission from the concerned authority.

·         Make use of your garden area –

If you own a huge home with a big garden or lawn around, add some element of utility to green space of your home. Open gym is the new concept in parks and big villas; you can also plan to open a gym with machines that you or your family use while gyming. 

You can also think of constructing a garden office to augment the value of your sweet home. 

·         Add a side return extension –  

One can also make more lucrative use of the garden space by adding a side return home extensions for the creation of an open kitchen. You can install some elegant piece of lightening lamps or the décor elements to beautify as well as raise the value of your home.  

·         Living room extension –   

The more spacious and larger the room is, more would be the value of your home. Extend your living room from the front to enhance the size of your living room. Make the extended wall with some great looking stones and extended interior with a well matching couch or plants.   

·         Cantilevered extension –   

With Cantilevered extension, you can construct an extra room on a home that protrudes from the outside of the front or side of a building.

You can also think about creating balconies to rooms with space from outside to add more beauty and space to your room. It needs expertise as well as an effective home extensions design to add a cantilevered extension.

In addition to the above, you can go for a conservatory, bathroom renovation, enchanting home décor, enhanced storage space, etc. These are the means to enjoy the raise of the value of your home.

The entire process of the home extension needs properly and vigilantly crafted home extension plans by experts.

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Shahram Shajarat is the director of RPG Services and member of Master Builders Associations (MBA) in Australia. Located in Newcastle (Australia), Shahram is licensed for building new homes & handling renovations, extensions and other Civil Projects.

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