Interior Decorating Styles That Are In Vogue This 2019

We all are well aware of a universal fact that nothing is permanent in this world, but a chance. Life needs a change so do your home, as it is depressing as well as frustrating to continue to live in the same model for years and years.  

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Just like your tongue asking for a change every hour, your house also needs a home renovation, not only for its durability but also for emotional and mental glee of the inhabitants.   

Yes, instead of changing your home, opt for new and functional modern interior design to be with the world. If you like to have a blend of contemporary as well as conventional  interior designs for your home, then pick popular and time-honoured interior designs as per your taste


 Give a wow factor to your home with these 6 interior design styles


  • Mid-century modern

A mid-century home would take you back to the era of the 1950s and 1960s with outlook and inner look of the home resembling each other. The creative heads and the interior designers emphasize and work on giving a unique combination of minimalism and a primaeval retro look. 

It constitutes “fussy-free” approach of designers involving snappy, simple lines, tarnished metals, mostly wood, delicate figures and a tint of blues and greens mostly.


  • Shabby chic

 Shabby-chic is highly in trend these days, which involves a pinch of vintage fabrics, floral prints, pallid palates, paint-coated furnishing, and vintage items; all giving a soft and feminine essence to the home interiors.

In this style, designers work upon to give epoch designs and approach with the maintenance of delicacy and feminity as the core element.


  • Minimalism-

 As the name suggests, this interior design style is all about simplicity and a minimalistic approach. No unfussiness, glitzy elements, just constitute neutral colour palettes and cooling effects to the eyes. 

Modern interior designers mostly make use of black, white and primary shades.


  • Scandinavian design

Scandinavian interior designers endow with undying interior decoration that involves minimal accessories, natural sunlight, and no heavy and extra furniture. Its core element is simple and subtle.  

Interior designers, while executing this style, have choices of wide plank flooring, object proportions, all-white colour based palettes and fluid lines.


  • Contemporary

Open floor tactic, extraordinary layouts, natural light usage, neutral colours, metal accent pieces, natural fabric use, either very light or very dark shade of wood tones and artistic lighting design are the essence of a contemporary interior design style. Fashionable designers produce fluid centred designs, as per the current and trending styles.


  • Transitional style

 This is the most popular interior design style currently. The transitional interior design style is hard to pin down style that blends manifold styles. It is a combination of traditional style together with modern design elements. It comprises curved furnishings, creative art, and neutral shades with elements of steel, fabrics, glass, rattan, etc.

 This is just not all, interior design styles like Rustic style, Victorian, Craftsman style, Modern architecture; Asian design style and Vintage style have taken the interior designing industry in 2019 by storm. Hire the leading interior designer and share your preferences to relish the most enchanting home interior design.


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Shahram Shajarat is the director of RPG Services and member of Master Builders Associations (MBA) in Australia. Located in Newcastle (Australia), Shahram is licensed for building new homes & handling renovations, extensions and other Civil Projects.

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