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Dual Occupancy, also known as shared living is the holy grail of Residential Investments and is very different from Secondary Dwellings or Granny House. It refers to structures which include two separate liveable buildings on one plot of land. In Dual Occupancy, the twin dwellings are on a single title, either attached or detached.

A Dual Occupancy helps you enjoy two separate utilities under one building titles and since the land is not sub-divided, it has less building and council costs compared to a duplex.

There can be two types of Dual Occupancy
Dual Occupancy (attached)
It includes two houses on one plot of land both of which are attached to each other.
Dual Occupancy (detached)
It includes two detached dwellings on one plot of land.

There is a wide range of layout options available for constructing a Dual Occupancy. The design can include either two attached dwellings sitting side by side, or one behind the other. The owner also has an option to convert the twin dwellings into one big home in the future. You can use such construction to live in one, rent the other or rent both or sell to receive a great return. According to Stephen from Marque, “It is clever equity cash up tool, enabling you to subdivide your property, live in one home and sell the other”.

By local zoning laws and density requirements, dual occupancy developments can be self-assessable (meaning no permit is needed), code assessable (requiring a development application) or impact assessable (requiring public notification as part of a development application). A licensed surveyor or town planner can help you determine the feasibility of a project by navigating relevant regulations as well as conducting a precise assessment of the site. Such an assessment is necessary to avoid any future legal conflicts. RPG specializes in building dual-occupancy dwellings & our services will give you an excellent feeling for what you can build in your budget.

Custom and Cost-Efficient Dual Occupancy Builder in Newcastle

RPG’s dual occupancy home designs help you in building two modern dwellings gracefully and in your budget. Whether your purpose is to surge your investment potential or provide a more independent lifestyle to your loved one, we have the designs that befit your style and needs.

Luxury has never been so affordable with fully customizable options by our expert dual occupancy builder in Newcastle with hundreds of designs to pick from.

We are completely flexible towards our client’s demands and nothing makes us more content than happy customers.