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Granny Flats Newcastle - RPG Renovations

We Build Remarkable and The Most Loved Granny Flats in Newcastle

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    Granny flat or as the name suggests is a home specially made for the ageing parents or grandparents. A Granny flat is also known as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) & is a separate self-contained studio room or a living area. It can be a perfect solution if you’re looking for a separate home for senior members of the family. We can help you design and build your granny flat customized according to your requirement.

    A Granny Flat may be constructed by connecting it to the main building or it may be constructed as a separate unit. Granny flat is a tiny house unit & can be used for many other purposes other than living. You can also use the Granny Home concept as an Office, guest house or rental units. Granny Flat concept is gaining popularity these days & it is going to become prevalent in the coming times, as multigenerational housing concept becomes more accepted. It is best for the new generation families whose members want to live close to each other but still want privacy.

    A Granny Flat can be customized according to customer needs. Note that a Granny Flat is a miniature version of the full sized housing unit and is primarily meant for 1-2 people. It includes all the amenities of a modern house. You can have a mini- kitchen, a specially designed bathroom, bedroom & living area.

    Building a Granny Flat comes with its own set of problems and headaches, but with RPG Group it is an easy, comfortable and relaxed affair. Our Professionals at the RPG group ensure that your parents & grandparents get a perfect retirement home where they can spend their lives peacefully with amenities that suit their requirement where they can enjoy both independence & privacy.

    Granny Flats in Newcastle for Your Personalised Needs

    Attention to detail and proper care is required when it comes to building a granny flat that a client will love. And our experienced granny flats builders put the best of their efforts to get that result.

    RPG has a team of skilled builders who understands that a home is the only place where the elders spend most of their time, and the home environment can directly affect their mindset. Our experts make sure that while building granny flats in Newcastle, the environment is good enough to make the inhabitants happy.

    We meticulously and carefully build every aspect to develop an embracing and warm home for your parents. We just don’t plan our projects for the sake of it. Rather, we personally meet our clients on-site to develop a granny flat perfectly complementing their needs.