Amazing Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Renovation Cost Under $10K

So, you are all set to renovate your home right from scratch. Your living room, kitchen and bathrooms are the ones in your radar. However, you also have a budget to spare, which is one parameter which cannot be compromised on at all.

A typical bathroom renovation, with expensive fittings, could cost you a fortune while using low-quality items would not give you satisfaction. The most money-gobbling fittings are tiling, electricals and plumbings. However, you have another option of mixing high-quality fittings with mediocre ones. This way, you can have an amazing bathroom renovation without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Here are some reasons why bathroom renovation ends up exceeding the budget.

  • You lack the knowledge of cheaper alternatives. Perhaps, you might have always considered using expensive paint for the walls when you can get it done for a lower cost with wallpapers.
  • You go for high-quality fittings and fixtures when there could be cheaper alternatives. Of course, it is important to use high-quality fittings, but there are a few things that can do well when not very expensive.
  • The service provider that you choose makes very high quotation or takes a long time to complete the task.

Budget bathroom renovation tips for renovation under $10,000

If you are wondering how you can have an amazing bathroom renovation under $10,000, here are a few quick tips.

Wallpapers or paint

If you looking for a budget bathroom renovation, the biggest decision you will have to take is to replace the typical paint with wallpaper. What wallpapers to is they add extra lustre to the walls and look more attractive. And needless to say, you can have a plethora of styling options at your disposal.


Bathroom fixtures are another very important factor to consider, especially when you have a non-flexible budget in mind. There are several things that you need to consider to ensure the best condition, like a freestanding bath. Moreover, if you have water efficiency in mind, it would be wise to choose the fittings accordingly.

Here is a tip, walk-in showers can help keep the bathroom clean and dry at all times. However, they might often push the cost higher.


Tiling can take up a chunk of the expenses from the budget. However, there is a way you can curb that. Firstly, even if you consider modern small bathroom renovation, choosing a very fancy tiling style would just increase the cost. Plus, if you are considering water-proofing for the tiles, it is not important to get it done on the entire floor. Consider water-proofing in places that are prone to getting wet and that would be enough.


Irrespective of whether you are looking for a modern small bathroom renovation or a big one, plumbing is something that can never be compromised on. The pipes and fittings should be of superior quality to prevent rust and breakage. However, what you can control is the plumbing service that you are hiring to get the job done.


Doing the electricals for your bathroom can be a great balance. Except for the wiring, you can compromise on the style of the lighting, ventilation and heater setup. You can save this up and use it for other things.

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Bottom line

If you are looking for a bathroom builder in Newcastle or any other place in Australia, it is very important to take a look at the track record, customer testimonials gallery of past work. This way, you can be sure that the kind of effort they put in or the honesty with which they work.

Luckily enough, RPG is the place you should head to if you need to work on your bathroom renovation in Newcastle. We have years of experience in the field and can assure of the utmost quality with every job done. Plus, we even make sure the service quotations are very justified and do not burn a huge hole in your pocket.

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