Top 6 Ongoing Trends in Living Room Renovation To Look Out For in 2019

The area of living room or place is considered as the most imperative section of the house or we can say that one can easily determine the class of the house or home with the glance of its living room area only.

That is why it now has become a symbol of your status more than a simple space of your house and another aspect is that when one starts to rebuild or renovate the house, he/she always thinks about the living area first rather than kitchen or basement.  


It has an essential role to play

They say a living room area of the house is the most versatile section of any home. That is why it needs to be charming and classic. Because for your child it’s a section where they can play the game, for your parents or guest it’s a good space for having rest and for your friends, it’s like a movie room where you can watch your favourite movies with your friends.   


Trending living room ideas  

You need to show some extra curiosity and enthusiasm while planning your living room renovation. But the point is that how to revamp your living room or select the best living room design for its makeover? As we have almost reached the mid of 2019 but there are still some trends that you need to look at and that will give a classy look to your living room for a long term. We are here to tell you about the new trends and update your inventory.


So, let’s check out the top 6 ongoing trends of living room renovation


1) Make your living area large

Gone are days of stereotype small and conservative living rooms because people are now preferring the open floor living room area. Indeed, this is one of the most trending aspects of living room renovation. Because people love the idea of a big living area on this can put the essence of the house and design it with their own perfection.

It is also great if you are looking for a small living room makeover.


2) Harmony of unique and colourful seating 

It is yet another trending idea of living room renovation among the youths. Certainly, people still love the traditional and old is gold formula, but now a large bunch of people and especially youth prefer the idea of harmony of unique and colourful seating in their living room space.

A series of colourful furniture which suits your style and the design of the living room is the best thing one can do to his living room.


3) Unique and attractive entrance

“Your living room is the mirror of your home” it’s a widely pronounced cliché that suggests that your house mirror that means your living room needs to be attractive and exquisite. For that, you can change the entrance door of the living room. Because we have been watching how people are now adopting new ways of living and making drastic changes in their lifestyle manner. An interesting door can enhance the charm of your living area.    


4) The trend of Large-scale wall art 

The trend has been shifting now. Earlier we have seen the blank walls or walls which used to fill with small posters or flower designs, but now people prefer large scale wall art on their living room areas. According to them, this is one of the best ways to enhance the interior of the living space. Wall arts have their own charm and exquisitely enrich the architecture.

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5) Let your living area shine with large windows

They say it doesn’t matter how much advanced or better we are, we still need natural sources to make our life happier. Indeed, that is why the idea of large windows in the living room area is trending immensely. And the idea of a large window will enhance your room architecture too.


6) Plant decoration

Addition of plants in your living room will create a unique resplendency. Because plants are considered as the most favourable tool of decoration. They add colour, unique shape and most important life and happiness in your living room.   



So, these are the hacks through which you can renovate your living room with perfection. Most importantly, these living room ideas are now roaming in the corridor of home renovation and people also love them. Your living room is the crux of your home and it has to be charming.     



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